Event Details


•Saturday 27th February
•2.4 hrs / 144 minutes of Spa Belgium 🇧🇪
•4 splits, 20 car grid, 80 driver entry
•15 minutes FP, 15 minutes Q, 144 minute R
•FP’ Fri 8am, Q’ Fri 3pm, R’ Sat 3pm
•Multiplier x10
•No mandatory pit stop
•Full formation lap
•Full cool down lap


Real Weather forecasts:
Cloud cover: random
Chance of rain: random
Air Temps: fluctuating
Track Temps: fluctuating
The race is depicting the 24 hours of Spa so will see dramatic day/night transitions with temp and weather changes


4 splits 27th Feb

6pm UTC
7pm UTC
8pm UTC
9pm UTC

•Mandatory pitstop: NO
•Mandatory tyre change: NO
•Mandatory refuel: NO
•Refuelling allowed: YES
•Pit lane speed limit – please learn where the entry of the pit lane is *AND* ensure you are slowed to the limit (50kph) before that line. 

Sign up will be found in discord

There will be post race stewarding via our ticketing feature found in discord


This event will follow our regular rules that you must read and follow in order to participate in our events.

You can read them via the links below:

SOP Community Rules
SOP Race Rules
SOP Driver Licence

Join the Discord to register for the event

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