Welcome to the SOP Motorsports American All-Stars Endurance Cup. This series comes to fruition in line with the USA DLC Track Pack. Combining Laguna Seca with Watkins Glen, Indianapolis & COTA we bring you an All-American Endurance Cup that will surely be an exciting championship to be a part of. 

This championship will feature a substantial prize pool and a healthy product pool. The championship will have professional broadcasting and commentary at every round, data analysis of the race will be available through Pitwall.Live and a live stewarding and admin team will be working in the background ensuring the championship runs smoothly.

The Format

There will be only one split for this series with a 48-team maximum capacity, so it is a first come first serve basis. Within your team line ups, you can have between 2 & 4 drivers, and you can change these drivers in that team every round if you so wish to.

The SOP Motorsport American All-Star Endurance Cup will feature 4 rounds on American soil. These 4 rounds will be made up of two 8-hour events and two 6-hour events giving competitors 28 hours of live racing action. Each round has a specific sponsor attached to it and the championship sponsors look like this: 

The event timetable will run to the same format in the game each race weekend:

  • Friday practice – 13:00 BST (15 mins) with a drivers briefing – 13:15 BST (5 mins)
  • Saturday qualifying – 13:20 BST (30 mins)
  • Sunday race – 13:50 BST (6 or 8 hours)

Points Mean Prizes

The prize pool for this championship is a whopping $1000USD and that will be split between the top 7 teams at the end of the American All-Star season with $300USD being awarded to 1st place and $50USD being awarded to 7th place.

The product pool however is won in a slightly different way. Each round has specific products available based on which company has sponsored each round. So right now this is how your product pool looks: 

  • Round 1 Prize: Winning team win a pair of IMB Racewear sim gloves worth £40 for each driver
  • Round 2 Prize: Teams in 1st, 5th, 10th & 15th all win set up subscriptions to Coach Dave Academy for each driver
  • Round 3 Prize: Winning team win a Delta Detailing Supplies cleaning bundle worth £40 for each driver
  • Round 4 Prize: Sponsor TBD

So quite a healthy product pool coupled with the overall prize pool up for grabs if you can manage to place first in each specific round or if you can place well in the overall championship. 

Registration Process

This endurance championship has a $40USD team entry fee payable upon entering. Running as a 4-driver team costs $10USD a driver for the championship. To register for this championship, click here: “Register Team” and select your team, the drivers of the car, car class and car. 

As mentioned before, the $40USD team entry fee covers all the costs to run such a championship from the $1000USD prize pool to administration, the servers, the broadcasting, and commentary. 

Teams can register squads of 2 to 4 drivers upon initial entry but can change every driver at every round if you wish. The drivers must be selected 48 hours before each race, however. 

We shall see you on the grid

At the time of publishing this article we already have 15 teams registered and ready to be on the grid for round 1. So, what are you waiting for? Go get you and your teams signed up for this American All-Star Endurance Cup and prove to the rest of the sim racing world you are the best. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to finish the championship in January and start off the new year with some prize money to help you get over the winter blues?!