The SOP Motorsport Community are pleased to announce we have a new title sponsor for our brand new sprint championship that begins this week.

The Track Titan sponsored Virtual Sprint Cup 2023, where we will see up to 48 drivers battle it out across 7 rounds all over the world. The championship will incorporate the brand new V1.9 update that is also dropping very soon on ACC. So drivers will be able to choose the new Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche manufacturers when they arrive as well as experience the new Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia.

Round 1 will see competitors in the Track Titan Virtual Sprint Cup head to Nürburgring before shooting across to Misano in Italy and Barcelona, Spain. The drivers then fly over to Watkins Glen, New York, USA for round 4 before returning to Spain for the Valencia round. The final two rounds of the championship will see the drivers head to the UK for a yet to be revealed circuit before finishing the championship at Indianapolis in a finale that will see race length 50% longer than all previous rounds.

The championship also has some great prizes up for grabs. The champions in both the Pro and Silver class will win real motorsport trophies for their troubles as well as walk away with 6-month subs to Track Titans Plus membership. The rest of the podium sitters in each class also win prizes courtesy of Track Titan in the form of 3-month and 1-month Plus membership subscriptions. To finish the prize giving we will have a raffle at the end of the championship where one driver who had completed all rounds will win a prize fund as a completion bonus.

About Track Titan

Track Titan apply years of experience in professional motorsport, gaming and tech startups to finally enable every simracer to reach their full potential. The application already has over 4,000 reference laps, over 2 million recorded laps, over 200 educational content pieces and 50,000 community members around the globe.

Track Titan makes your life as easy as possible. You can get quick hints on mistakes so you spend less time analysing and more time improving on track, you can see throttle zones, braking zones, focus zones, optimal corner lines, speed and distance covered and so much more with the application.

Track Titan also have a partnership with Hymo setups which most of the ACC communities are now accustomed to as one of the leading providers for setups (Other setup providers are available also) so you can be sure when you are setting laps, referencing laps and trying to improve yourself as a driver, you have legitimate data to work with from some of the top Esports drivers in the field.

Simply Faster: Get faster with automated insights and the best educational content in sim racing in three easy steps: Drive – Analyse – Learn. All with Track Titan:

We look forward to the next three months with Track Titan and we recommend Track Titan as a platform everyone should be getting on. The official SOP Esports Racing team will be using it to improve themselves this year!