The Symphony of Pistons

It was the love of racing and wanting to create a community within Assetto Corsa Competizione that allowed three sim racing enthusiasts this opportunity.
The opportunity to create SOP Motorsport. We bring to life sim racing and we bring together sim racers just like us.

SOP Motorsport came to fruition because there was actually nothing like this, on this scale, available to console users for this sim at the time of release and that had to change.
Sim racing on console tends to be the forgotten community, but we are changing that, one piston at a time. We are bringing SOP Motorsport to the fore and being recognised around the world.

Our Sim Racing community is one big family. We help as one, we improve as one, we grow as one. We have members in over 35 different countries and we all have that one special thing in common. We are Sim racers.

Come and join the family today.

The Ethos

The ethos is simple. We work to bring sim racing enthusiasts together and we promote only the best racing etiquette on the track with the upmost respect between the drivers off the track, so everyone has an enjoyable sim racing experience.

The Events

We hold a plethora of race events every single week that our sim racing enthusiasts can get involved with. 

Sprint Series

Our Sprint Series is divided into PRO and AM categories and we hold these events on a Monday. We have a minimum of one full grid per class. Where drivers battle it out over 6 races which make up the series calendar. The Sprint Series has been developed to match the four seasons of the year. So we have a Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring Series, all lasting two months each, with one month recouping between every season. Each categories podium finishers win real trophies and silverware at the end of the season. 

Feature events 

Our feature events are weekly races where there are no limitations. Any track, any conditions, any car. One week It can be GT3 or GT4 and the next it can be the Porsche Cup car or Lamborghini Super Trofeo. With race lengths also changeable ranging from a 30 minute dash, to a 60 minute sprint or a 100 minute mini endurance. These events happen weekly giving all our drivers the opportunity to race.

Endurance races

We hold two types of Endurance events. The officially sponsored Coach Dave Academy monthly Endurance event, where 40 drivers do battle once a month to win real Coach Dave Academy prizes. Then we have the unofficial endurance events where the whole community can partake and get involved. The minimum stints for these events are 1.5 hours moving upto 3 hours maximum, for a single driver to be in the cockpit. 

Bonus/fun events

These are our unofficial events that we put on outside of our racing calendar. We have no entry requirements for these events. It’s very much just turn up, race and have some fun with your fellow peers. Whilst remembering to race cleanly and fairly.

Need another reason to join us?

All of our official events are broadcasted live through our SOP Motorsport youtube tv channel. 

The events are accompanied with real commentators bringing you live updates and commentary from the races. 

Each race also has real stewards watching to asses and to give you post race penalties should any driver get any infringements against their name.

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