The Symphony of Pistons

SOP Motorsport is our name. The Symphony of Pistons is our motto.

Established and founded in June 2020 by two Welsh men, SOP Motorsport and its racing division, SOP Esports racing, has gone truly global in the last two years and we look forward to rounding out the year.

The SOP Motorsport community is home to 2,000 sim racers from over 40 countries, spanning every continent in the world, where we host weekly sprint races and monthly endurance races on both PC and PlayStation platform.

The SOP Esports race team is now 30 drivers strong with 3 divisions consisting of a USA team manager and drivers, a European team manager and drivers and a UK & Ireland team manager and drivers, who all come together collectively to form SOP Esports.

The team had humble beginnings but now compete around the world in the very best esports events and competitions including SRO, ADAC, SimGrid and everything in between.

The ethos is simple. We work to bring sim racing enthusiasts together and we promote only the best racing etiquette on the track, with the utmost respect between the drivers off the track, so everyone has an enjoyable sim racing experience both in our community and in our race team.

Come and join the family today.

Need another reason to join us?

All of our official events are broadcasted live through our SOP Motorsport twitch TV. 

The events are accompanied with real commentators bringing you live updates and commentary from the races. 

Each race also has real stewards watching to asses and to give you penalties should any driver get any infringements against their name.

As professional as it gets!