Community Rules

The following rules are to be acknowledged and followed by any member in the SOP Motorsport Community.

All these rules are subject to change and amendments by SOP Motorsport but are true and correct as you read them today. Any rule changes that happen will be taken back to the drivers and they will be notified before the next available event.

Respect your fellow community members – wether that’s on the race track, off the race track, in the community chats, in-game chat or on social media.

No trolling, harassing, or spamming members – if found doing so you will be instantly banned from SOP Motorsport.

No advertising of other servers, groups, or events without permission from SOP Motorsport – we don’t bite and will probably allow it if you ask nicely.

No public accusations of cheating or misconduct – if you think someone has done wrong PM an admin.

No helping banned users, strangers, unwanted visitors, or people not signed up to specific events access the community or our services – the external sharing of our server passwords are prohibited.

English speaking community and server. Respect this for all users. Please translate all text to English prior to posting anything in our discord community chats.

No posts about religious or political topics allowed. We are here to race ladies and gentlemen.

Have fun and enjoy your new community. Your new home. Your new family.

Welcome to SOP Motorsport