SOP Motorsport is hosting multiple types of events:

Single and Sponsored Events: The single and sponsored events are on a first-come-first-serve basis. These events can be very popular and they can fill up quick. Drivers will be put on a reserve-list if the event is full.

Series and Championships: Multiple rounds over a longer period of time. When signing up, you commit yourself to racing for a full Series or Championship, not only for a few races.

* Please note that unacceptable behaviour in any of these events, can lead to being excluded entirely from all Sponsored events.


If you have signed up, you are expected to show up. It is very frustrating if a driver doesn’t show up while a reserve driver could fill this spot. They would be happy to do so. Signing up but not showing up, doesn’t show respect to the other drivers and organisation, and can lead to penalties. (See Disqualification)


If a driver is unable to attend a round, they must use the withdraw function.

This is found on the SimGrid website by selecting the event you have signed up for, clicking on the -Races- tab, and then -Admin- on the round you need to withdraw from. There you will find the –Withdraw– button. Please check the info tab to see how many sign-outs are permitted.

If a driver has withdrawn from a race, but wish to attend the race after all, please contact a member of staff as the slot may have already been filled by a reserve driver.


A no-show without withdrawing can lead to automatically being disqualified for that Series completely. Please check the info tab to see how many no-shows are permitted.

Retiring to Pitlane:

Retiring to pitlane for the remainder of the session is valid and the stewards will not take action on this.

When a driver has been issued a time penalty by the stewards for an incident, the driver can not serve this due to retiring to pitlane. (See Unable to Serve Time Penalties)

Leaving the Session:

There will be no action taken by the stewards if a driver leave the session.

When a driver has been issued a time penalty by the stewards for an incident, the driver can not serve this due to leaving the session. (See Unable to Serve Time Penalties)

Pulling Out a Series or Championship:

If you have to pull out of a Series or Championship while the season is ongoing, you must inform SOP Motorsport about this situation.

It is impossible for us to stop you from leaving if you have made up your mind, but remember that pulling out of a Series or Championship without a proper reason, will see you placed under review.

A proper reason would be something happening in your life that forces you to quit – something that you didn’t expect when signing up – or that your equipment (hardware or lag issues) render you unable to carry on.

However, choosing to quit due to getting bored of the game, having a bad season or because something goes against you, is not a good reason.

When signing up, you commit yourself to racing for a full season, not only for a few races.

Should a driver be found just quitting a Series or Championship without a proper reason, they will be put under review with the likely outcome to be excluded from any future Series or Championships.

Unable to Serve Time Penalties:

In normal circumstances, when a driver has been issued a time penalty post-race by the stewards, the penalty will be added to their total racing time, which can have an effect on the race results and overall standings.

There are a few situations where it is not possible for a driver to serve a time penalty. This occurs when drivers do not finish the race on track.

This can happen when:

– drivers decide to retire to pitlane for the remainder of the race.
– drivers leave the event completely.
– drivers have been disconnected from the server or a different kind of connection-related issue.

The stewards can decide to use an alternative method to still penalise drivers:

– carrying a time penalty over to the next round, directed by Race Control by manual input.
– an alternative penalty for the next round, like a qualifying ban or starting the race from pitlane for example.

Championship Point Deduction:

If a driver is unable to serve a time penalty in the Final Round of a Series, the penalty being issued will be converted to a deduction of championship points, based on the format of that Series.

Using the ACC In-Game Chat Function:

Every driver is required to show respectful behaviour in the ACC in-game chat.

Drivers are allowed to use the in-game chat during Practice Sessions.
Drivers are not allowed to use the in-game chat during Qualifying or Race Sessions for any reason.

Not following these rules or requirements can lead to severe penalties.


There can be live-stewarding during an event. Incidents can be reported and Race Control can manually issue penalties directly during the race. If there is minimal time to review or when an incident is reported post-race, penalties will be issued after the event.

How to Report an Incident:

If a driver wants to report an incident, they can use the incident-reporting function in the SOP Motorsport Discord channel. Incident reports have to be submitted within 24 hours after the event.

In the incident-reporting channel, drivers can open a ticket to submit their reports by typing this command :

-ticket open  followed by your ACC driver name tag.

By doing correctly, a new private channel will appear, which is limited to the stewards and drivers involved. In this channel you can submit your report by following these requirements :

Your Username:
Who you are reporting:
Description of the incident :
Footage : (See Uploading Video Evidence)

The stewards will then invite the drivers who are reported or involved in the incident if necessary.
When the stewards have come to a decision, all drivers on this ticket will be informed.

There is an option for drivers to raise an appeal against a decision. (See Incident Appeal)

Uploading Video Evidence:

Any video evidence submitted in a stewards inquiry must be uploaded to a video streaming site (such as YouTube, Twitch and Streamable) before being embedded and/or linked to in the inquiry thread. Stewards should not have to download video files in order to watch your evidence.

The following elements, recorded from the race replay or live recording, are required in the video:

– Cockpit and Chase point of viewof the driver submitting the inquiry.
– Cockpit and Chase point of view of the driver who you believe caused the incident.

Both have to be recorded at normal speed and with HUD activated.

Any additional point of view can be added after the required elements.

If the video evidence is part of a longer video that also contains other parts of the race, a time-stamp must be provided next to the video to guide the stewards to the relevant part of the video where the evidence can be found. Failing to follow these requirements, may lead to the incident report being dismissed.

Incident Appeal:

There is an option to raise an appeal against a decision.

Drivers/Teams have 1 appeal ticket during a Series or Championship.

To open an appeal, drivers need to open a new incident ticket in the SOP Motorsport Discord, within 24 hours after the stewards decision.

An appeal is succesful if a penalty is removed or reduced.
When an appeal is succesful, the Drivers/Teams will not lose their ticket.

When an appeal is unsuccesful, the Drivers/Teams will lose their ticket.

Penalty System:

The Penalty System is a way of handing out penalties during live-stewarding or post-race, that can have an effect on the end results and final standings.

* Please note, that penalties may be added together in the event of multiple violations in a race, which could result in total penalty points of a higher number than what is suggested below.

5 – 30 sec:                                             Depending on the severity of the incident.

Drive-Through / Stop and Go:          Can be issued during live-stewarding.

Unable to serve time penalty:         Time penalty can be carried over to the next round.

Note: In some simulators (e.g., Raceroom), where we might have difficulties issuing a time penalty, the stewards may implement a point deduction for each incident depending on their severity.

Alternative penalty.

Championship Point deduction in the Final Round.

Qualifying ban for the next round.

Starting the next round from pitlane.

Disqualification from the race/Series/Championship.

Race ban.

Periodic ban.

Permanent removal from SOP Motorsport.

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